Change of plans

It’s been quite a busy week. After going gangbusters the past 2-months to get our Kickstarter campaing rolling, we received some very dissapointing news. We submitted our project to Kickstarter for approval and 3 days later, a message came back notifying us that we had been declined BUT we could submit an appeal and they would reconsider!

The frustrating part about this process is that Kickstarter will NOT go into detail about why they choose to decline various projects. All they’ll say is that the project does not fall within the website’s “focus.” Huh?

As it turns out, merely 3-weeks ago, as we were zeroing in on our final presentation for submission, Kickstarter changed many of their guidelines regarding hardware projects on their site. Rumor also has it that they’ve also removed somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 projects recently due to issues with intellectual property.

It’s difficult to say exactly what all of this means, or how it affected our project (yes, we appealed and were denied again), but our best guess is that they’ve been facing complaints from people who claim that certain projects violate their IP rights.

Kickstarter is still lively with projects that revolve around the arts (movies, music, books, etc.) BUT it appears that any proprietary projects are suffering and slowly being squeezed out of the equation. That’s truly a shame. Advances in hardware/technology is what keeps our civilzation moving forward and is the best shot for providing aid to our sickly economy. But now, yet another powerful tool is being removed from the innovator’s toolbox. It’s an all-too-perfect testament to the social decay that our country is in the midst of.

So what does this mean for our project?

Luckily we don’t have all our eggs in one basket so we’re still moving forward quiclky, I’ll follow this up with another post in the next couple weeks on our latest and greatest developments.

– Matt

One thought on “Change of plans

  1. Wow THANK You for Sharing..! Be Prepared however, you WILL be offered fantastic sums of money for this.! “They” will set you up financially FOR LIFE “Tie” your hands and “Silence” your voices with Red Tape and Legalities Then LOCK this entire concept away, … “Until all the Oil is Gone”. STAY in the “Public Eye”.! We are WITH You and Watching.

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