Live on Indiegogo!

So many of you have probably been wondering what our next move was since we were denied on Kickstarter. Well here’s the answer: is a crowdfunding website very similar to Kickstarter, however they are happy to embrace a much wider scope of projects and have fewer restrictions on what they accept. So with that said, we are very pleased to announce that we are now live and ready to accept contributions!

Check out our campaign HERE. (

PLEASE contribute whatever you can and PRETTY PLEASE share what we’re doing with your family and friends. It’s by spreading the word that we’ll be able to make this happen!

Now, on to a more technical update…


The Team at MSU checked in with me last week. They’ve been very busy collecting data and preparing the design for the thermal solar collectors that the system will utilize. I must say, we’ve been extremely impressed with the work that they’ve done. It’s great having a team to work with who is as passionate about the project as we are.

I’ve also met with the directors of The Center for Emerging Technologies in St. Louis, MO. They specialize in helping new technologies like ours make it off the ground and into the market by providing support in both the labratory and they office. They’re extremely excited about the work that we’ve been doing and we’re definitely looking forward to working with them more in the very near future. It should definitely help us speed along the process of making affordable solar energy to you!

– Matt

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