Indiegogo Results & The Future of PV

After a crazy 30 days, our funding campaign on Indiegogo is complete!  We received $2,160 in contributions, thank you very much to everybody who jumped on board!  While it was a long way off from our goal of $70,000, we still consider the campaign to be a success.  Yes, we still need more funding in order to keep the project moving forward, but the feedback that we received from enthusiasts, people who hated our work, and the curious looky-loo has all been very valuable to us.  In short, our idea has been largely been validated by several of our peers and industry experts which will hopefuly be valuable to us as we move forward.

So just what exactly is our next course of action?   To  be straight to the point, we need money (don’t we all?).  As my good friend Bob likes to constantly remind people, “It’s all about the money.”  We truly do want to deliver a product that will benefit our civilization and are not driven by greedy intentions, but even a goal as noble as that needs money to achieve great things.  Luckily for us, the exposure that we’ve received from our campaign on Indiegogo has caught the eyes of a handful of investors who have the heart to see our technology made available on the market AND the deep pockets to support it.  Please send good thoughts our way as we meet with people and try to secure the funding to make this possible!

In other news, I was browsing through some new articles about solar development and came across one on Forbes that was particularly interesting; “Report: 180 Solar Panel Makers Will Disappear By 2015.”  What? Why are that many companies supposedly closing their doors over the next few years?

The biggest criticisms we’ve received about our project in the early stages of development is that we’re wasting time because the price of PV solar panels are dropping like a rock and will fall below the cost of coal, natural gas, and nuclear any day now.  Half of that claim is true.  PV has dropped significantly over the past few years.  But does anybody know why?

The article details how the market has become flooded with an oversupply of panels and manufacturers are selling for pennies on the dollar just to try and save as much face as possible before going bankrupt.  In the end, it makes it fairly clear that the recent drops in PV prices are NOT SUSTAINABLE.  At least not without a major leap forward in the technology and we have yet to see that come to fruition on the market. It’ definitely worth the read, in case you didn’t click on the first two article links up above, here it is again.

– Matt

One thought on “Indiegogo Results & The Future of PV

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