Grant Proposals and Perks!

Well we have been busy, busy, busy here as we continue moving development forward on our HydroICE Technology!  Our latest endeavor has involved submitting a grant application to the Department of Energy to request funds under the SunShot Initiative funding opportunity.  It was a lot of work getting the whole proposal together as I had never doen that before so it was also a good learning process.

To go off on a little bit of a tangent, I’m on of those people who firmly believe that “To cease learning is to cease living.”  That said, I aim to continue my education every day and working on the grant proposal helped me to easilly meet that daily requirement. 🙂

But back to the matter at hand, we’d appreciate your good thoughts as we await to hear whether or not we’ll be granted the funding we need, which should be sometime in late April.  You can be sure that we’ll be updating you as soon as we have some new information!

For those of you who contributed on IndieGoGo-  I’m working hard this week to get all of your perks finalized and ready to ship out. Hang tight!

Thanks again for your support everybody!

– Matt


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