Electrical charging system and test stand

I met with a senior project team who has expressed some interest in working with us to continue development on our technology.  Specifically, they are looking at designing and building the electrical generation and analytics system that will be connected to our prototype engine.  This is an important piece as it will give us the means with which to measure the efficiency and other performance statistics of our new technology!  We’ll keep you posted as they decide whether or not they’ll choose this for their senior project.

In other news, we purchased a whole heck of a lot of steel from a local machine shop that was closing here in the area.  It’s always fun to look at all of that raw material and dream for a bit about all the different things that can be made with it!   We’re beginning to build the test stand so it won’t be long before the steel gets used for something awesome. We’ll start posting pictures soon!

– Matt

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